Frequently Asked Questions
Anything you need to know should be below.

We answer some of the more frequently asked questions.

Its Easy as! first click Apply in the menu, and then click whether you want a loan for you or your business.

you must be 22 or older. If you are under 22 then you must have a parent or guardian to go as guarantor.

We basically finance anything that has a motor in it and can be registered. This Means we do:

  • Car Loans
  • Bike Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • Jet ski Loans
  • Van Loans
  • Truck Loans

or any kind of fleet vehicle for your business. If we cant finance it, it usually means no one can finance it. For anything else our personal loan brand Go Loans can look at it.

To apply we normally  require

  1. Your Application
  2. 3 months bank Statenments
  3. ID

However, because our application is 100% online, all information required to get you an approval is done in the application process. all you need is your drivers license Number, version number and bank details to apply. No need to print or scan anything.

After the application is submitted all you need to do is take a picture of both sides of your licence and attach it in reply to the email that you should receive.

Personal Finance Applications (Cart Loans etc.)

For personal applications like Car Loans or Bike loans etc, the application will give an automatic indicative approval, decline, or simply refer to the lending team. the time frame depends on what you put in the application, loan product & how quickly you can get an additional information which may be required.

For instance, if we receive everything from you and we can get a premium product to you, then we should be able to get you the loan approved, signed up and paid out.

Business Finance

We can process your loan as quickly as we can get all the information required to assess the application. Because all businesses and owner’s needs are different, all business loan applications are assessed manually. as all application s are different, we cannot give a time frame exactly however we try and get the finance within 24 hours.

If you need finance in a hurry then please supply all the information we seek and then let us know so we can prioritise your application.

Our Interest Rates range from 6.95% to 28.95% for anything over 6k

Anything under 6k will have its own application format. See Auckland Loan Company for more info.

As a Car Loan & Finance broker we charge differently depending on the type of application.

You don’t pay anything up front, however all charges are included in the finance and are disclosed to you when we provide you the documents to sign.

Depending on the finance product, and depending on the finance company, the broker fee starts at $395.00 to 10% of the cash price of the vehicle up $995.00.

And/or we are paid a margin on the interest rate, which absorbed in your interest calculation. But on this arrangement we are subject to ‘claw backs’ on any early settlement of your loan.

This is standard costs and fee practices for all finance entities.

What that means is we are paid up front the full assumed amount, but the amount isn’t ours until you have paid your loan to term using the correct schedule (because that’s when all the interest is paid), if you settle early, surrender the vehicle, or enter into hardship, we have to pay our fee back, less the incremental interest amounts you had paid up to the settlement date.

Yes & No – let me expand on that…

In this day and age you can have bad credit, but it just depends on the type of bad credit and what you are doing about it.

Our focus and expertise is in mitigating the bad credit for you so that you can have a better life and get into the car.

Nowadays we have a number of rules and regulations that we must abide by, namely the CCCFA and Responsible Lending Code. These regulations are there to make sure that lenders lend responsibly to those who can afford it. Most finance companies have their own affordability calculations that differ widely through the industry.

That being said, traditionally WINZ will pay for your basic costs of living and not much else, unless there is a special grant or arrangement for them to make payment on financial commitments such as a vehicle to get to the doctor.

On this basis its very difficult for us to be able to get a beneficiary finance because they just don’t pass most finance companies affordability tests.

Its not impossible, but very difficult on anything over 6,000.

Yes we can lend to those on learners license. However you must have it for a minimum of 6 months, & there may be restrictions on age, capped borrowing, or unable to secure Premium Rates.

If possible we would recommend that you book your restricted as soon as possible, or let us know and we will help you book for it.

Yes we can get finance however, like learners licenses there may be a deposit required (normally 10 – 20% minimum) , restriction on age of applicant, and possibly unable to secure premium rates.

We suggest that you try and book a restricted or get the Condition 1 restriction removed from your licenses as soon as possible.

Yes we can get finance, however it depends on the type of work visa, expiry date and to put it bluntly, the appetite of the finance companies at the time – this appears to be changing regularly.

Its best you apply and we will do our best to help.

Of Course you can! we would love to help you get finance, so if you havent found a car but want to know if you qualify then simply Apply Now 

We have a huge dealer network, some are good friends of ours, and some we do a lot of business through. If you have a car in mind, please let us know and we can send you some options from our network of Dealers.

Unfortunately we cannot Lend to anyone who is currently in:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Summary Installment Order
  • No Asset Procedure
  • Hardship with another financier
However its possible to get finance if you have been discharged from any of these. We have experience in this, & continue to provide fantastic service to those who have been discharged. So just Apply and we will see what we can do.

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