Loans for People

If you needa Loan for a Motorbike or Scooter
We are here to help

from 6.95% p.a*

Getting a Motorbike Loan or a Scooter Loan through Motorloans is easy as!

We could get you approved for a Motorbike or Scooter in 5 Minutes.

You could even get Approved instantly!*

What info do you need to provide?

Other than the online application we require some extra details.

Motorbike Driver's License

We prefer a valid and current NZ Drivers License (minimum motorbike learners for 6 months).

Proof Of Address

This is a Utility Bill or Letter from a reputable source that’s been sent to your house via mail in the last 30 days. examples – letter from bank, power bill, phone bill, rates notice etc. Just has to have your full name and address and cannot be electronically printed.

Bank Statements

We require 90 days bank statements. however, this step is included in the online application process. So if you get an approval or application refer, you can sign into bank statements from our online portal.

Bike or Scooter Details

All you need to do is just talk to the Motorcycle Dealership or trademe seller and get the VIN number. Or to us in an email the vin to us after you get a result from the application

If other companies aren’t giving you what you need, we will.

The best things about getting Motorbike or Scooter finance through Motorloans.

Our Smart Application

Our Motorloans Application form is designed to give you instant feedback after applying for Motorbike or Scooter Finance. We can give you a Conditional Approval or Refer instantly!

Our Dealer & Broker Network

If you are looking for a Motorbike or Scooter, let us know and we can get you approved and introduce you to NZ’s leading Bike dealers & brokers, we can find just about anything you need.

We do everything for you

All you have to do is view the Bike or Scooter > Apply to Motorloans  > Get Approved> organise a test ride > once satisied we will meet you and sign the Docs > you take your motorbike or scooter.


Not ready to purchase a Motorbike or Scooter but want to know how much you can borrow? Apply to us for a pre-approval. We can get you approved so you can shop like a cash buyer.

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